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Resident of CUTOUT COLLAGE ART PROJECT: March 2024 - Today

Born in 1980 in Kyiv, Ukraine, currently lives in Helmond, the Netherlands.
Since the age of 16, after the ninth grade, she has been completing courses and working in trade. This was followed by frequent changes of work directions: training company, event organization.


In 2009, she graduated from the Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine" with a bachelor's degree in publishing and editing, in 2010 she received a master's degree in journalism, and at the same time Lesia is engaged in self-education because she has felt her calling in creativity throughout her life.


Since 2017, she has been working with mat embroidery (punch needle, tufting gun) and dyeing fabrics with natural plant dyes (avocado, onion husks).

Since 2020, he has been studying the combination of different textures: the combination of paint and thread, the combination of leather, thread and fabrics of different textures is the basis of taffeta. In December 2022, in the Netherlands, she took part in a tufting workshop at FABRIKKAAT. At the tufting gun master class, Lesia learns how to make her own clothes and creates her first work based on her sketch.


In Kyiv in 2022 and 2023, she will take part in a collage workshop with Katya Syta.

"I am fond of carpet embroidery, taffeta. At the same time, I started to get interested in collage. A puzzle finally came together in my head, I was always collecting things I found somewhere, collecting fabric and paper. I combine different techniques, it gives me a mixture of textures, an opportunity to wonder what will happen next, what will happen?"



- "Look into Yourself", a collective exhibition of CUTOUT residents, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine


- art market, Helmond, Netherlands

- art market, Asten, Netherlands

- Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands


Art has always been present in my life, because it is a freedom for me to express my thoughts.

Also, colors have always been present in my life, and it doesn't matter to me whether it's paints or threads, because I transfer my thoughts, feelings, emotions to paper or fabric with strokes. In this, I find the personification of my inner world (going deeper into myself, meditation, expressing myself).

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