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Annual summaries of CUTOUT COLLAGE art project achievements


9-25.02 - «Planet Love 3.0» exhibition of residents of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, IMAGURU CLUB, Madrid, Spain.

10-26.02 - «PARALLELS» exhibition dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holodomor, TUFA, Trier, Germany.

18.02-05.04 - «Me and War» exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine.

28.02 - Presentation of the project «Free without conditions and exchanges!» on the initiative of the Center for Civil Liberties, Nobel Prize laureate, curator Katya Sita, Osvitoria, Kyiv, Ukraine.

4.03 – ARTCLUB by CUTOUT & Graf.stvo, a space for discussing current exhibitions, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine.

5.03 - «Falling under the Beam» presentation of a collage album by Natalia Okhman, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine.

15-30.03 - «Genesis of Being» collage exhibition, 73 artists, Center for Architecture, Design and Urbanism «Gunpowder Tower», Lviv, Ukraine.

Co-founder of CUTOUT, Olga Syta joins the residency and starts creating collages.

27.05 - «Part of the Path» personal exhibition of Victoria Ostrenko, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine.

27.06 – Second ARTCLUB from CUTOUT & Graf.stvo, a space for discussing current exhibitions, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine.

30.06-16.07 - «Children of Doctor Frankenstein 2» collective exhibition of collages, curators Oleksandr Liapin, Annete Sagal, Katya Syta, Olga Syta, Contemporary Art Center White World, Kyiv, Ukraine.

13.07 - «I AM VMRSHNKV» personal exhibition of Valeria Miroshnikova, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine.

August – New studio residents: Hanna Denysenko and Marta Andrusenko.

A series of master classes on collage and drawing from the founders of CUTOUT within the framework of the project «My History. 32 Years of Independence», Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The second festival of contemporary collage CUTOUT COLLAGE FESTIVAL KYIV-PARIS, theme «FREEDOM» – The largest collage event in Ukraine, 100 artists from all over the world, two countries and the catalog of the exhibition.

8-24.09 – The first part of the Festival, Le Bonheur Est Dans L'instant gallery, Paris, France.

15.09-29.10 – Second part of the Festival, Contemporary Art Center M17, Kyiv Ukraine.

October - Katya Sita launches a collage course.


December - the creation of the new project «My Ministry of Culture».

More than 30 workshops and 5 collage lectures and 5 interviews with the founders were held.


January - the beginning of work on the second festival CUTOUT, collage workshops from studio residents. Launching CUTOUT STORE – a platform for the sale of collage art and CUTOUT LOVERS – a community of Ukrainian collage artists.


11.02 – «Planet Love» exhibition of studio residents, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, New resident: Patricia Demba, Kyiv.

22.02 – «Segments of Life» collective exhibition CUTOUTLOVERS and STUDIO residents, «Mytets» Gallery, Kyiv.

02.03 – Launch of CUTOUT merchandising in support of Ukraine. Proceeds will be used to develop the project and donate to the army.

13.03 – The founders of the CUTOUT project were invited to be part of the jury for the international collage competition «Finding Peace in a Time of War – Make Art Not War» by Kanyer Art Collection.


20-30.04 – Annete Sagal presents CUTOUT at the ALC Collage Fest. Alicante, Spain.


8-9.06 – Charity Auction from No Waste Ukraine & CUTOUT, collected UAH 11,000 for BF Kharkiv help.

24.06-04.07 – Second Charity Auction from No Waste Ukraine & CUTOUT, collected UAH 9,900 for BF Kharkiv help.

10.06-13.08 – The CUTOUT project is presented at the KAOS collage festival. Kranj, Slovenia.

5-10.07 – «Genesis of Being» - charity poster exhibition, resident curator Patricia Demba, Beyond Limits gallery. Berlin, Germany.

25.06-01.09 – Ukrainian collage animation is presented at the international exhibition «At skabe virkelighed | Creating Reality», Læsø Kunsthal, Læsø island, Denmark.


06.08 – Anniversary of CUTOUT! The first Festival was held in June 2021 and the opening of the collage workshop on August 6, 2021, Kyiv.


05.09 – Launching of a collage group for children at KPDU, conducted by CUTOUT resident Natalia Okhman, Kyiv.

16-30.09 – «CUTOUT AGAIN!» – an exhibition of the CUTOUT collage collection. International artists and residents of the studio, Book Lion, Kyiv.

22.09 – Launch of lectures «Collage Worldwide. The Development of Collage Art Abroad» by Annete Sagal, online and offline.


2-31.12 – Opening of the exhibition «PARALLELS» dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holodomor, National Museum of the Holodomor-genocide, Kyiv.

2-20.12 – Opening of the exhibition «PARALLELS» in the Ukrainian Cultural Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.

29.12 – Ceremonial presentation of certificates to the participants of the «PARALLELS» project for their personal contribution to the popularization of information about the Holodomor and the development of Ukrainian culture.

New residents of the studio: Ganna Rusyava, Liia Adam, Mila Cheprasova.


4.12 – CUTOUT participation in the VOGNYK x PORYAD charity event, Kyiv.

15.12.2022-09.01.2023 – Ukrainian collage exhibition «Planet Love», art studio El Sitio S, Madrid, Spain.


More than 20 collage workshops have been held. The residence of the studio is replenished with three new faces. Establishing international cooperation. 


2021 was the year of the birth of a powerful force – the project CUTOUT COLLAGE FESTIVAL & STUDIO.

27.01 – First acquaintance of Katya Syta, Olga Syta and Annete Sagal.
15.02 – The first working meeting – planning a group collage exhibition.

25.02 – Second working meeting – we realized that we are creating a whole festival.

26.02 – The concept, name, logo and the famous pink color of the CUTOUT project were created and approved.


15.03 – THE FIRST UKRAINIAN FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY COLLAGE CUTOUT – Official start of the project, launch of the website and social networks. Launching of the OPEN-CALL.


March-May – Preparation for the Festival: development of the program, search for locations, selection of participants, etc.


09.06 – Opening of the Festival. Exhibition - International Collage at the Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv.

11.06 – Opening of the Festival. National exhibition and exhibition of OPEN-CALL winners in RA Gallery, Kyiv.

12-28.06 – CUTOUT festival works at two locations, curated tours, workshops, lectures and film screenings on the topic of collage are held, Kyiv.

28.06 – Closing of the Festival, performance by headliner Elis Luna, Kyiv.

At the end of the festival, Kata Syta got the idea to found a collage studio.


06.08 – Official opening of the CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO: exhibition and party. Residents: Anastasia Vekua, Natalia Okhman, Maria Shapranova, Daria Zoria, Julia Fareniuk (Chloe), Annete Sagal, Katya Syta, Kyiv.

24.08 – Participation of CUTOUT in the SPALAKH festival, Kyiv.


03.09 – Exhibition at CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO + invited guest Ihor Khersonskyi, Kyiv.

11.09 – One-day exhibition «On the Territory of Rhythm» Natalia Ohman and Petro Chekal at HVLV, curated by CUTOUT, Kyiv.


08.10 – Exhibition at CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO + invited guest Oleksandr Liapin, Kyiv.


03.12 – Exhibition at CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO + invited guest Anton Logov, Kyiv.

New residents: Valeria Miroshnikova, Viktoria Ostrenko, Ziu Poberezhniuk,  Oleksandra Tretiakova,  Anna Serbinova. 

15.12 – Start of preparations for the Contemporary Collage Festival CUTOUT 2022. OPEN-CALL for participation at the festival is open.

17.12 – New Year's Fair in the Studio.


More than 15 workshops were held: thematic, freestyle and social.

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