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«CUTOUT AGAIN!» – exhibition of our collection

Time & Location: 16-30.09.2022

Bookstore Book Lion
Kyiv, St. Mezhyhirska 13/34

About the event

This is the first exhibition of our project in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the aggressor country into our territories. We were forced to suspend our activities at home and concentrate on exhibitions abroad. However, it's time to go home and resume collage activity!


At the exhibition «CUTOUT AGAIN!» we decided to show works of art from our collection, namely International Artists that were presented at the first collage festival in the summer of 2021 and the works of residents of the Collage Studio in Kyiv. With this, we want to show that although the war has made adjustments to our project planning, we do not stop and continue to create and promote the art of collage.


Exhibition CUTOUT AGAIN! told more about the project: what it was like at the beginning, what it is now and what vector it has for the future.

Exhibition program:
16.09 (Fri) / 17-20:00 – Opening of the exhibition
18.09 (Sun) / 14-16:00 – Therapeutic collage workshop. Conducted by Katya Sita. 
22.09 (Thu) / 17-19:30 – Lecture «International Collage. Development of collage art abroad.» Conducted by Annette Sagal. 
24.09 (Sat) / 16-17:00 – Tour of the exhibition. Conducted by Katya Sita. 
29.09 (Thu) / 16-17:00 – Tour of the exhibition. Conducted by Annette Sagal.
30.09 (Fri) / 16-20:00 - Closing.

Presented artists:

Pim van Huiseling (Netherlands), Jake Kennedy (Great Britain), Clive Knights (Portland, USA), Morgan Jesse Lappin (New York, USA), Simao Matos (Spain), Bea Montero (Spain), Julia Volonts (Latvia).

Patricia Demba (Ukraine/Germany), Valeria Miroshnikova (Ukraine), Viktoria Ostrenko (Ukraine), Natalia Okhman (Ukraine), Ziu Poberezhniuk (Ukraine), Annete Sagal (Ukraine), Katya Syta (Ukraine), Maria Shapranova (Ukraine).

The exhibition was held in the cozy bookstore «Knyzhkovy Lev», which recently opened on Podil, in Kyiv.

Thank you very much for your hospitality!

Curators: Annete Sagal, Katya Syta, Olga Syta.

Co-curator: Nadia Hart.

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