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Resident of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO: October 2021 - Present

Ziu was born on April 3, 1990 near Lutsk, Volyn region. 

She studied Polish philology at the university and worked in the field of journalism. 

At the beginning of 2020, she became interested in creating collages and since then decided to change her profession and life in general.


Since October 2021, Ziu Poberezhniuk has become a resident of the Kyiv collage studio «CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO». Since then, she has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. 

The artist works in the technique of collage, video collage and collage animation. Her works are a reaction to external and internal changes, processes of transformation of herself and the entire country. An important issue of her artistic research is separation and the psychological stages of human formation.


2023 – «FREEDOM» – CUTOUT COLLAGE FESTIVAL KYIV-PARIS 2023, CAC M17, Kyiv, Ukraine and gallery Le Bonheur est Dans L'instant, Paris, France.

2023 – «Children of Dr. Frankenstein 2» – Collective collage exhibition, CAC White World, Kyiv, Ukraine.


2022 – «Planet Love» – Ukrainian collage, residents of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, art studio El Sitio S, Madrid, Spain.
2022 – «PARALLELS» – an exhibition of collages dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holodomor, Ukrainian Culture Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2022 – «PARALLELS» – an exhibition of collages dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holodomor, National Museum of the Holodomor-genocide, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2022 – «At skabe virkelighed | Creating Reality», Ukrainian animation, Læsø Kunsthal, Læsø, Denmark (Curator and participant).

2022 – «KAOS» IV International Collage Festival, Mergentaler Street Gallery, Kranj, Slovenia.
2022 – «Segments of life», collective collage exhibition,  CUTOUT LOVERS,  Art gallery «Mytets», Kyiv, Ukraine.

2022 – «Behind the Scenes», exhibition of sketchbooks, gallery "Light", Lviv, Ukraine.

2022 – «Planet Love», group collage exhibition of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO residents, Kyiv, Ukraine.


2021 – «Restore control», street exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2021 – «Orange», collective collage exhibition, residents of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2021 – «The Colors of Parajanov», group collage exhibition, Ivan Kavaleridze Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2021 – Exhibition «Compression» in the private collage gallery «Vayo Collage Gallery», Rochester, USA.

2021 – The first Ukrainian Festival of Contemporary Collage CUTOUT COLLAGE FESTIVAL, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2021 – Exhibition «Ukraine. Future» on the fence of the Hostynnyi Dvir in Kyiv. The project is a collaboration with the Museum of Children's Creativity, which shows collages of adult artists based on children's drawings.

2021 – Electronic collection «Journeys eBook» of the collage art community Fragmented Collective, Great Britain.

2021 – Exhibition of Contemporary Art «CHANGE» in the framework of the festival «Mykolaiv ART Week» in the Exhibition Space «8 PIER», Mykolaiv, Ukraine.


My declaration of the artist is an anti-declaration. I do not consider myself an artist.

Most likely, I'm just a researcher. Foremost, I’m looking for myself and my place in my country, in the world, in art.

I used to look for myself in other fields - journalism, public activities, texts, but the most successful tool was the collage.

In my work, I explore topics that are close to me at the time of creation. Now it is about separation, self-understanding and becoming an independent person. And since February 2022, this topic has crystallized even more clearly for me, because my homeland Ukraine is now fighting for its independence and is separating from russia and the colonial past.

Most often, collage for me is a battlefield with myself. How far can I go beyond my own narrow thinking? Will I allow myself to tear off pieces of paper instead of carefully cutting out every millimeter? Will I be able to grow deeper?

My collages are just me, made up of different pieces, colors and shapes. My collages grow and change with me or stagnate in the middle of the road….

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