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Workshop: Collage with a movie with Chloe

Time and place: 05.02.2022

Hosted by: Chloe (Julia Fareniuk)

Photographer: Vadim Podlevsky

About the workshop

The first film collage took place in the workshop - watching a movie and practicing collage. 
Chloe says, «This is about the importance of what inspires us to live. Collage can be a way to focus on an important experience that has taken place and to rethink it creatively. Cinema helps to remember or reflect on certain moments of our lives. At the same time, it shifts the focus of attention to the outer space and the view within oneself. »

The workshop began with a presentation about collage and an explanation by artist Chloe of her choice of the movie. Then, on the projector, we watched a short film on suicide and karma, had a brief discussion of our impressions. The next step was a collage, we created works using printed screens from the movie. An important factor was not concentrating on the tape, but on the feelings it aroused.

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