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In the future, the scope of collage expands, merging with such forms as environment, assemblage, digital collage. The construction technique is close to the collage, which is a combination of different materials in space. Collage is also used in movies. The aesthetics of a collage is the aesthetics of a fragment of reality included in the context of a work of art and endowed with a new visual or symbolic meaning. Many young artists continue to work with the art of collage. It is one's own language, a specific way of thinking, seeing and being. Hybrid art and thinking are the basis of how modern aesthetics work.

In 1992, the first European organization of collage artists was formed in France, initially under the name Collectif Amer, later renamed Artcolle. It has more than 500 exhibitions dedicated to the art of collage, including the Salon du Collage Contemporaine, which has been held annually in Paris since 1993. She is also the founder of the first museum dedicated to the art of collage, located in the Tribe.

Nowadays, we, young and dedicated artists of Ukraine working in collage technique, open a new page, where we strive to express ourselves by launching the First Ukrainian Contemporary Collage Festival "CUTOUT", getting the opportunity to demonstrate collage artwork on the best art sites in Kiev. This is the first step towards opening galleries that will present this modern and multidisciplinary art, and maybe one day a museum of Ukrainian collage will appear, and we will have stories and works for this museum.


The word collage comes from the French collage - "gluing". We glue pieces of paper, fabric, magazine or newspaper clippings on paper according to the laws of composition and create a work of art.

Many collage artists admit that they started their way in art through art therapy, because collage is a self-portrait and our main task is to learn to understand its "language". Then it becomes for us a wonderful tool for self-knowledge.

When we collect images for a collage, it's not just that: clippings from magazines and newspapers show some parts of ourselves. Our desires, dreams, fear or long-forgotten needs... This is a metaphor for our lives! This is our story and, in fact, our feelings.

How do you feel? What is your story of creation? What is the art of collage for you?


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