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«PLANET LOVE» – exhibition of Ukrainian collage in Madrid

Time & Location: 15.12.2022-09.01.2023

Art gallery El Sitio S
C. de San Sotero, 5, 28037 primero, Madrid

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About the event

This exhibition is a showcase of collage artworks by residents of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO which is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. They were presented under the theme PLANET LOVE on February 11, 2022 in Kyiv. Unfortunately, on February 24, russia started a full-scale war and many people, including us, had to flee their homes. After over a month of hiding in the bomb shelters, we were able to go to the Studio and evacuate our artworks. They’ve traveled a long way to come here to Madrid. This exhibition is a fundraiser for Ukraine:

10% of total sales we will donate to PORYAD UKRAINE (@poryad_ukraine) – volunteer organization that provides supplies to the Ukrainian Army and Ukrainian citizens in need.

10% – organizational expenses.
40% – artist’s profit.

40% – art studio’s commission.


PLANET LOVE is about respect and love for our common home - the Earth. Through the collage, we highlight current environmental issues and want to bring the viewer to a conscious life. (11.02.2022)


Now, more than ever, we, Ukrainians, know the cost of life. We are coming together with a mission to show the power and beauty of Ukrainian collage movement and raising funds for our people.


Exhibition features 11 collage artists:

Anastasia Vekua, Patricia Demba, Daria Zoria, Viktoria Ostrenko, Natalia Okhman, Ziu Poberezhniuk, Annete Sagal, Katya Syta, Chloe (Julia Fareniuk), Maria Shapranova and Yaroslava Shkolna.


Each artist has a unique style and creation process. We’ve all been traumatized by the war, even twice, as some of us come from the East Ukraine that has now turned into ruins. Collage saved our lives many times before, and now it’s our time to save even more.


This exhibition is our present to you. We want you to see our collage art as a positive way to meet Ukrainian culture. We would love for our artworks to take shelter on the wall of your home. And we would be grateful for your contribution in the fight for freedom.

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