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«Planet Love» studio residents exhibition

Time and place: 11.02.2022, 18:00



Stepana Bandery Avenue 6, Kyiv, Ukraine

About the event

The collective exhibition of residents of the collage studio is dedicated to the theme of ecology and love.

«Planet Love is about respect and love for our common home - the Earth. Through the collage, we highlight current environmental issues and want to inspire the viewer to a conscious life. »

The exhibition featured artists: Daria Zoria, Valeria Miroshnikova, Victoria Ostrenko, Natalia Okhman, Ziu Poberezhniuk, Annete Sagal, Katya Syta, Patricia Demba, Olexandra Tretiakova, Chloe, Maria Shapranova, Yaroslava Shkolna.

Invited artist: Marina Gerdiy.

DJ line up:



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