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«On the territory of rhythm» - Natalia Ohman
and Petro Chekal

Time & Location: 11.09.2021, 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM


HVLV Bar, Verkhnii Val Street, 18, Kyiv, Ukraine

Photographer: Ruslan Synhaewsky

About the event

It is impossible not to notice: in the XX and XXI centuries the pace of human life has significantly accelerated compared to previous epochs. Cities are a typical tuning fork of the modern rhythm of our existence - this exhibition is currently taking place in one of them.


Once in the «territory of rhythm», a person involuntarily enters into unison with the internal biorhythms of the city, flows into its streams and is absorbed by these streams, becoming unworthy to distinguish the movement of particles around him. You can really feel this only by «breaking out» of the rhythms of urban culture and giving yourself to picking up rhythms that are radically different - for example, the rhythms of nature. Epidemiological incidents of COVID-19 became a similar «countermeasure» to the rhythms of cities regulated by the capitalist order, which in a year and a half forced the consciousness of the modern citizen to slow down. Although are the changes so «tectonic» that these incidents have caused them?


In all this large-scale context, a specific concept of analysis of modern spaces - «rhythm analysis» by Henri Lefebvre. It is possible to carry out this analysis and map all the numerous urban flows in one letter only through comparison and in the case of Humbrecht's «presence» within what is happening.


To do this, a street photographer goes to the city - the event space, the place of coincidences, Brownian motion of particles, rhythms, scattered fragments of stories. His task is to see those fragments, to feel the rhythms of the chosen space-time location, to guess the whole in fragments and to reconsider it - to perform the act of «production of space», according to the same Lefebvre.


Collagist, in turn, split the whole into atoms, like Salvador Dali in the «atomistic» period of his career. It returns to the artistic approach the nature of the original cosmogonic chaos, giving visibility to the invisible chaotic rhythms of the city.


As a modern project that is experiencing the variability of today, we could not help but join this exhibition. Through their rhythmic collaboration, Peter and Natalia touch on psychological issues, which are an integral part of us. We perceive it so organically in our lives that we do not even consider it a problem. This becomes noticeable when you change the space, if you live in the moment. Only a photographer and a collage artist could approach so deeply and philosophically and romantically, one captures the moment and the other fragments. - comments CUTOUT.


Petro Chekal is a street photographer from Kharkiv, culturologist, musician. Peter has been engaged in photography for about 7 years, of which the last year - exclusively street photography. He wrote a scientific paper on street photography.


Natalia Okhman is a collage artist from Kyiv. She began to actively engage in collage practices in early 2020, paying special attention to the relationship between man and the world. Finalist of the Mykolaiv ART Week (2021), the first Ukrainian festival of collage art Cutout Collage Festival (2021), resident of Cutout Collage Studio.


The exhibition took place on September 11, 2021, in the HVLV bar.

Kyiv, Verkhnii Val, 18

HVLV Instagram

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