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Second Charity Auction by NWU & CUTOUT

Time & Location: 24.06-4.07.2022

No Waste Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, online

About the event

The second charity online auction of unique collages on the topic NO WASTE by No Waste Ukraine and Cutout Collage Festival & Studio.

This is the second part of the collages that the artists created from the magazines collected at the Kyiv recycling station.

For the second time, we collected 9,900 UAH. After deducting the costs for making collages from the master (2166 UAH), we sent 7734 UAH to BF Kharkiv help. To the fearless guys who evacuate people from hot spots and carry food packages on foot to the apartments of dilapidated high-rise buildings where people still live.

7 collages were presented at the auction. Each of them is about an artistic vision of a person's relationship with the Planet. This is a kind of visual meditation on the daily routine that affects us and the surrounding Space.
Important! LOT #5 and LOT #7 can be purchased at the starting price shown in the image.

Together to victory! 🇺🇦

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