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Resident of CUTOUT COLLAGE ART PROJECT: March 2024 - Today

Ukrainian conceptual artist, designer, founder and teacher of a creative studio. She was born in 1984. in the city of Korosten, Ukraine.

Lives and works in Kyiv. Studied at the architectural department of the Shevchenko State Art Secondary School (DHSSH).

In 2007, she defended her master's degree at the Faculty of Architecture of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUBA) at the Department of Art and Design.
In partnership with a colleague, she founded the interior design studio AJdesign. She devoted almost 15 years to this field and, in addition to design, created art objects for her own projects, as well as actively participated in exhibitions and competitions of interior installations and subject design.

For several years, she was a co-author of the visual concept of the "Design Theater" project (a creative platform for the presentation of interior items, decor and art) as part of the Design Living Tendency exhibition.

Since 2017, she has been conducting master classes in various areas of art. Developed a short educational course for adults "Watercolor sketch book"

In 2019, Jen opened a creative studio in the suburbs of Kyiv, where she regularly conducts classes for children and adults. Since 2021, he has been developing his own artistic career, and since 2022. actively participates in Ukrainian and international projects.



- "Look into Yourself", a collective exhibition of CUTOUT residents, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine



- Exhibition project "Borders", Tuasho gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine 2023 - Contemporary collage festival "CUTOUT", TsCM M17, Kyiv, Ukraine

- Exhibition project "Spread Out", festival "Motanka", Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2023 - Exhibition project "Ukraine. Residence Of Freedom", Rīgas dome, Riga, Latvia

- XI International Biennale of Textile Art "Scythia", Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 2023 - All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Watercolor Painting "Personal Boundaries", Regional Art Museum, Ternopil, Ukraine


- Exhibition project "Walking home. Reconstruction", gallery "31artspace", Lviv, Ukraine

- Art project for the 300th anniversary of the birth of Hryhoriy Skovoroda "...And rise", Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

- Collective exhibition "War and Peace", gallery "Mody", Kyiv, Ukraine 2010 - Collective exhibition "Nature in design", TsCM M17, Kyiv, Ukraine


- participation in annual exhibitions-competitions of installations, interior decor and objects of art as part of the international exhibition "Design Living Tendency" (Kyiv International Contract Fair), Kyiv, Ukraine


My artistic activity reflects the constant process of researching internal support, which in any conditions allows a person to feel his own identity.

In this process, I balance between observing the environment and diving into the depths of the subconscious. Seeking harmony between the outer and inner world, I explore the interplay of opposites, such as personal and collective, corporeality and spirituality, naturalness and the supernatural. With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, I create a series of works in which I reflect on the events of the war through the prism of personal perception.

Textiles are the main material I work with when creating art objects. Using the properties of different types of fabric, I experiment with multi-layering, transparency and various media on textiles - watercolor, graphics, collage
One of the key aspects of my work is to involve the viewer in active interaction. In installations and performances, I create opportunities for the person himself to become an object of art and in this way encourage reflection and the search for one's own meanings

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