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«Genesis of Being» – collage exhibition

Date and location: 15-30.03.2023

Center of architecture, design and urbanism – Gunpowder Tower, Lviv Ukraine
Together with the Lviv Association of Architects

About the project

«The science of man consists more in the destruction of errors than in the discovery of truths.» – Socrates


Our presence on Earth daily gives us the choice to create or destroy – ourselves and our environment. We do so many unconscious things that move our existence in one direction or another... Man, as a cell of this world, can destroy it or create the most beautiful thing in himself.

Have you ever wondered how much good or bad you put into yourself per day? Then the next day and another day after that..? 


The responsibility for what we are ready to let into our hearts lies with ourselves... Without it, our world will not change. War will not go away unless our choices change. We are cells that are capable of global change simply by making a choice: to be or not to be responsible.


Paying attention to the shortcomings of others, thinking about who should be what, we steal our own time for the birth and cultivation of beauty in ourselves. Time passes and we may simply not have time to find the good within ourselves. This responsibility lies with us, both for actions and for inaction.


The "Genesis of Being" project by CUTOUT COLLAGE is an artist's understanding of their own existence and values through the art of collage. While brave defenders defend the Ukrainian land, we, artists, defend our cultural heritage. We strive to change our people's own and collective consciousness for the better, to unite it with representatives of world cultures. 


This project was implemented for the first time in July 2022. Then a charity collage exhibition was held in the city of Berlin, Germany, where the collages of residents of the Kyiv CUTOUT workshop and members of the CUTOUTLOVERS community were presented. In 2023, the project will be presented within the walls of the Powder Tower in the city of Lviv, Ukraine and expanded to include artists from all over Ukraine and abroad.

Artists represented in the project exhibition:

Liia Adam, Valeria Miroshnikova, Maria Shapranova, Vika Ostrenko, Natalia Okhman, Annete Sagal, Katya Syta, Olha Syta, Ganna Rusyava, Ziu Poberezhniuk, Mila Cheprasova (UA).



Eva Holts, Yaroslava Huz, Maryna Siliakova, Oksana Turenko, Inga Gladun, Anna Kuznetsova (UA).



Marisa Maestre (ES), Max-o-Matic (ES), Richard Vergez (CU-USA), Laura Weiler (USA), Olexander Liapin, Oleksandr Maksymov, Radyslav Dziuba, Uliana Shchabel (UA). 



Iryna Bilonizhka, Katya Bondarets, Anastasiia Hlivinska,  Mariia Humetska, Lyana Korostil, Andrew Kunitsyn, Kate Kutsevol, Dima Leonenko, Mariia Nizhegorodtseva, Dmytro Petryna, Evgenia Poberezhna, Kseniia Stepas, Liliia Topoliuk, Oksana Chepelyk (UA), Helen Grundy (UK), Dawid Gudel (PL), Clive Knights (US), Sara Nesteruk (UK), Sara Zinelli (UK).



Olexander Liapin, Olexander Priymak, Anastasiia Vekua, Angelina Datsiuk, Anna Kuznyetsova, Anna Serbinova, Annete Sagal, Chloe, Daria Zoria, Daria Nikitiuk, Eva Holts, Hanna Hrydasova, Hanna Kozyrieva, Katya Lisova, Katya Syta, Ksenia Turenko, Lena Solomenchuk, Maria Shapranova & Viacheslav Zhurbenko, Maryna Gerdiy, Mila Cheprasova, Mykhailo Honcharenko, Natalia Okhman, Oleksandr Maksymov, Oleksandr Meshcheriak, Oleksandra Kulikovska, Oleksandra Tretiakova, Olesia Serohina, Olga Drozd, Olya Nixdorf, Dasha Pastrevich, Patricia Demba, Sasha Kitaeva, Valeria Miroshnikova, Viktoria Berezka, Viktoria Ostrenko, Vsevolod Kovtun, Yaroslava Huz, Yaroslava Shkolna, Ziu Poberezhniuk, Yaroslav Vlasyuk (UA), Grycij RD (DE).


Curators of CUTOUT: Annete Sagal, Katya Syta, Olha Syta.

Gunpowder tower: Angelina Yefimenko, Nadia Sogor, Sofia Yaremchuk, Anastasia Prystupa, Anna Leonchenko.

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