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At skabe virkelighed | Creating Reality

Time & Location: 25.06-01.09.2022


Læsø Kunsthal, Læsø, Denmark

About the event

Ukrainian animation presented at the exhibition At skabe virkelighed | Створити Реальність | Creating Reality at Læsø Kunsthal, Denmark

Artists: Mano Glonti, KiraMax, Nika Nazarenko, Viktoria Ostrenko, Ziu Poberezhniuk, Alexander Priymak, Annete Sagal, Surenzh, Katya Syta.

Curators: Annete Sagal and Tamara Palienko (UA)
Video editing: Annete Sagal​

Each individual creates his own reality, also conditioning it with personal experiences, thoughts, and actions. But there is also a real reality that happens to everyone and concerns absolutely everyone. This exhibition presents the realities of war in the 21st century in Europe. This is happening right now. This applies to absolutely every European. The exhibition presents a series of video works by 9 Ukrainian artists in the digital art style. Animated paper collage and digital animation. 

Artworks were created in the conditions of war, combining images of experienced impressions, sound and their own feelings. They also continue to create art and express their feelings through art in this difficult time of sadness, freezing in anticipation of when peace will come.

Animation description (chronologically):

  1. Surenzh. BLEEDING, March 2022
    Digital animation

    Devoted to Kyiv (the home I had to leave).


  2. Ziu Poberezhniuk. I DON’T FEEL…, May 2022
    Animated paper collage

    I'm so afraid to get used to the war…
    I know that Ukrainians have forgotten their history, not only because of russian gaslighting and repressions. The reason is also the protective mechanism of the psyche: to forget and erase from memory, to discolor all emotions in order to move on. I'm so afraid of that.
    How many times we forget about the enemy, so many times he will remind himself again. I want to remember and feel everything! Tell me how to do this?
    Audio: TSN (TV News Service) news story (March 7, 2022) by the correspondent Oleksandr Motornyi.


  3. Ziu Poberezhniuk. ALWAYS KEEP AS YOU ARE BEING…, May 2022
    Digital animation

    Do you know what is the stupidest birthday greeting I've ever received? "Always keep as you are being..." For me, this greeting is actually a spell – «stop, you hear! Don't go anywhere! Stop and don't move! I feel good when you stand still. Just keep standing and keeping as you are being...» Please never congratulate me on my birthday this way.


  4. Ziu Poberezhniuk. I AM AN ANTI-TANK HEDGEHOG, May 2022
    Digital animation

    Now I'm thinking about the line between protecting my identity, my own borders and enmity to others. I feel like an anti-tank hedgehog now. I don't allow others to approach me.


  5. Annete Sagal. THE VOID, 2022
    Animated paper collage

    You can hear the sound of the traffic, but in the picture cars are not moving – this sound is stuck in our heads as an echo of the other life as we were forced to leave the city. The Universe, however, hasn't stopped for a second, and we must now learn how to exist in it.


    Animated paper collage

    We come into this world alone and leave it alone with what we have inside.


  7. Katya Syta & KiraMax. POLITICS, 2022
    Animated paper collage

    This world is permeated with propaganda based on our contempt for creating cruel rules of the game that are not needed by the people.


  8. Ziu Poberezhniuk. ANXIETY/ALARM, May 2022
    Digital animation

    The sound that every Ukrainian is waiting for now is a white alert. This sound means that it’s time to read the news to find out if all my acquaintances who live in different cities of Ukraine have also heard it. The worst thing is that someone may never hear this sound again.


  9. Alexander Priymak. BUCHA & Mariupol | SOUL COLLECTION #1, 2022
    Digital animation

    Collection dedicated to terrible and tragic events in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of souls and destinies destroyed by the war. We will always remember this pain. We will always remember you.


  10. Viktoria Ostrenko & KiraMax. HEARTBEAT, June 2022
    Animated paper collage

    It is impossible to imagine, it is impossible to believe what happened to our country!  The heart aches, the soul aches for the heroes who are fighting for the national Ukrainian State.


  11. Mano Glonti & Nika Nazarenko. SOMETIMES I CRY,  June 2022
    Animated paper collage

    Work on the emotion of crying. About how hard it is now to cry and not cry at the same time.
    In our work, we used archival recordings of the singing of Sergei Parajanov, an Armenian director who was imprisoned for his love of Ukraine. His voice is the personification of the voice of roots, connection with culture and people.
    I am Georgian by nationality, but I feel Ukrainian. And this song is for me a symbol of the soul's belonging to something that she has chosen. There is one pain in Ukraine now. But in the midst of this continuous pain, everyone cries and sings, their own story.


  12. Surenzh. TOY, March 2022
    Digital animation

    russians treat children's lives as if they are toys and the game is to kill. This work is dedicated to all children who suffered. Especially to Sasha (9 years old; from Bucha, Kyiv oblast), who lost her left arm on the 12th day of the massive war.


  13. Annete Sagal. NEO-NAZI, 2022
    Animated paper collage

    «The bodies of the defeated and the horses will fall» - words on collage from M. Rylsky sonnet. The aggressor perceives us, Ukrainians, as Neo-Nazi and comes to our land to murder us. We are, indeed, the «Neo» – smart, prominent, loving warriors. We are standing for our freedom.


  14. Alexander Priymak. HOME, 2022
    Digital animation

    Over 44 million sq. meters of housing was destroyed in Ukraine during the war. Millions of families were left homeless.


About exhibition

«At skabe virkelighed» - is the 10 years anniversary exhibition in Laesoe Art Hall. In this exhibition, we reflect over the question what art is, or rather what art does. Art plays a crucial role in the process by which we organise our experiences. We do so in narrations, and nowhere is this process more materially at hand than in works of art. Narrations organising experiences is the foundation of what we call reality. We are proud to present a group of exceptional artists whose works acutely brings forth the essential features of art; from the thought-thing to the materialised idea; and from the mystical depth of subjective experiences to the curious observations of everyday life.

In addition to video art, the exhibition features physical works by artists from Ukraine and Denmark.

We thank the founder Læsø Kunsthal – Jon Eirik Lundberg 

Visit exhibition «At skabe virkelighed»
25.06 - 01.09.2022

Address: Læsø Kunsthal, Smedievejen 2, 9940 Læsø

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Photos from the exhibition opening:

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