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Resident of CUTOUT COLLAGE ART PROJECT: March 2024 - Today


She was born and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1976. In 2003, she graduated from the Faculty of Cinema and Television of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Ada Rogovtseva's workshop.


From 2003 to 2013, she worked on the 1+1 TV channel and TRK Ukraine as a producer of entertainment projects, as well as in the cinema as a director of feature films.

In 2018-2020 studied photography at the Kyiv School of Photography and the Vadym Doctorov School of Photography. In 2021, she began studying at the MYPH School of Arts, where, in addition to the basic course of modern art photography, she attended a course of lectures on conceptual photography

by Roman Pyatkovka, an outstanding figure of the Kharkiv School of Photography.

She took part in collective exhibitions in the galleries of Ukraine, European countries and the USA, in particular in the Tbilisi art fair in 2022, the exhibition "Rozgostitsa" at the Motanka Fest in Kühlhaus Berlin in 2023, as well as in the collective exhibition of authors and actresses of the MYPH community "Depths of Psyche" at the Museum of modern Ukrainian art Korsakiv 2024.


Has a publication in a book - a collection of authors of the MYPH community. Anna's works are kept in private collections in Europe. Member of the MYPH community, and CUTOUT COLLAGE art project.



- "Look into Yourself", a collective exhibition of CUTOUT residents, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine

- "Depths of the Psyche", Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art Korsakiv, Lutsk, Ukraine

- "Shared Body: Mykolaiv Young Photography", Ukraine House in Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark



- World Biennial of Student Photography, Gallery of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia

- "Crossing the Line", Norfolk Center for the Arts, USA

- "MYPH in storage", Warehouse Gallery No. 5, Cherkasy, Ukraine

- UKRAINE. RESIDENCE OF FREEDOM, Riga dome. Riga, Latvia

- "Rozgostitsa", Motanka festival, Berlin, Germany

- "5 years anniversary MYPH" virtual platform Baroque

- Video presentation of the project "Fairy Tale" Department gallery, Oslo, Norway


- "Crossing the Line", Walker Gallery, Kearney, USA

- "Celebration Life" at the Institute of Contemporary Art Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


In my art practice I usually use digital photography and occasionally collage.

Digital photography is similar to the natural eye of a person, who instantly captures something that catches their attention and makes them think about what they saw, and then look at this object or phenomenon again in order to compare the first impression with how the brain interpreted what was seen after the first glance . Collage helps to reproduce the process of perception and layering of images.

The main topic and principle of my practice is contemplation, that unhurried process when objects in the process of contemplation acquire new and often unexpected meanings. At what point does nothingness begin, does it have limits, are we able to get even a little closer to understanding where is the border of the transition, what is real and what is not - these are the questions that I try to answer with my practice. Emotions that arise at the intersection of contrasts are the strongest, at the same time, strong emotions contrast with the state of contemplation, and my practice exists at this intersection.

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