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Resident of CUTOUT COLLAGE ART PROJECT: March 2024 - Today


Born and lives in Cherkasy, Ukraine.
At a young age she was engaged in painting and academic drawing. In 2015, she graduated from the Danylo Narbut Art School.

In 2019, she received an associate's degree from Cherkasy State Business College (ChSC), and in 2021, a bachelor's degree from Kyiv National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD) in Graphic Design.
2018-2020 - worked as a graphic designer and photographer at a digital agency, while working as a graphic designer on the development of the online gallery project Art for People.

In 2019, she started working on the project "Feeling", where she illustrates

author's postcards, the main idea of the project is to create postcards that make your voice louder, push you to the right thought, or speak for you. She drew the illustrations in various artistic techniques, experimented a lot, created both minimalist illustrations and detailed ones related to completely different topics. At the same time, she works on design projects and actively searches for her own style in painting.

In 2022, she began teaching in the field of design, worked as a lecturer at the Cherkasy State Business College, and in the same year opened her own art studio "Studio", where she conducts master classes in oil painting, collage events (there are no such events in Cherkasy, so it is extremely important to convey the value and beauty of this art form). She often invites artists or people involved in various types of creativity to give lectures or workshops.

In early 2023, Anna Vlasenko started creating collages.
"At some point, collage became a way of expressing thoughts, a kind of reflection of moments that can be transferred to paper with visual accompaniment. By creating collages, I can speak without words."

In 2023, Anna held her first solo art exhibition "Present", participates in group art projects.
In early 2024, she became a resident of the Ukrainian art project CUTOUT COLLAGE



​​- "Look into Yourself", a collective exhibition of CUTOUT residents, CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, Kyiv, Ukraine


- "FREEDOM" - CUTOUT COLLAGE FESTIVAL KYIV-PARIS 2023, CSM M17, Kyiv, Ukraine. Winner of the open-call

- "Mykolaiv ART Week: MEMORY" - an online exhibition as part of the contemporary art festival program

- art space "Wild House", exhibition title - "Wild House Day", Lviv, Ukraine


The main goal is the continuous study and discovery of emotional subtext through the art of collage.

Images of houses occupy a special place in his works. It is a symbol of home, the place where we feel most comfortable and safe. Sometimes this house becomes the central element of my works, reflecting the importance of stability and certainty in our lives. Sometimes it can only be an invisible background, but its presence is still felt as our secret inner support.

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