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ALC Collage Festival

Time & Location: April 20-30, 2022


Plaza Séneca, Alicante, Spain

Photo: Annete Sagal


About the event

The first ALC Collage Festival took place in Alicante in April 2022. The organizer and curator of the exhibition is Victor Lario.

The festival had a  theme, Famous Spanish artists and open-call participants were presented at the exhibition.


We learned about the event a few weeks before the start, so we were able to submit works by two artists - Patricia Demba and Annete Sagal.


The diverse program of the festival included lectures, interesting workshops and live music. Annete attended the workshop «Feminism and Visual Culture» by Barbara Fernandez, the workshop «Graphic Narratives» by artist Marisa Maestre, where guests used ceramics in collage, and the workshop «Deconstruction of Hannah Hoch» by artist Esperanza Durán.

Also, this event gave me the opportunity to personally meet Simão Matos - an artist who participated in the first CUTOUT festival.


The exhibition space of Plaza Séneca perfectly placed the collages of the festival participants. The works of Spanish artists impress with their quality and ideas. It was a great pleasure to be a part of the collage celebration! Collage Festival is a great way to get to know this art form and get to know yourself by creating your own work.

Thanks to Victor Lario and

the ALC Collage Festival for organizing!

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