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KAOS Collage Festival

Time & Location: 10.06- 13.08.2022


Mergentaler Street Gallery of Layer House and TAM-TAM, Kranj, Slovenia

Photo: Anastasiia Krutota

About the event

The KAOS Contemporary Collage Festival begins its fourth edition.

Residents of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO and CUTOUT LOVERS take part in a street gallery exhibition. It’s one of few other events that will happen there.

Subject: Scream in silence.

Artists: Mila Cheprasova, Anhelina Datsiuk, Olga Drozd, Yulia Fareniuk Chloe, Maryna Gerdiy, Eva Holts, Mykhailo Honcharenko, Hanna Hrydasova, Yaroslava Huz, Sasha Kitaeva, Oleksandra Kulikovska, Katya Lisova, Аlexandr Meshcheriak, Valeria Miroshnikova, Natalia Ohman, Vika Ostrenko, Ziu Poberezhniuk, Pro100isus, Annete Sagal, Anna Serbinova, Olesia Serohina, Maria Shapranova, Uliana Shchabel, Yaroslava Shkolna, Lena Solomenchuk, Katya Syta, Patricia Tokav-Sedh, Oleksandra Tretiakova, Kseniya Turenko, Anastasiia Viekua, Kovtun Vsevolod, Daria Zoria 


«We, like the collage communities in general, are very friendly. Even in the wartime we support each other. I still don’t know exactly where everyone is now. But I know that we have each other. Collage became for everyone a good therapy during this time, but some of us couldn’t make art at all for the first two months of war. War had stolen so many things from us. Most of us are even scared to show feelings through art because there is so much pain in it. Every day we sleep and try to continue life under sirens. Now everything has a coefficient of war. We learned that we don’t know what will happen in a minute and still believe in the best, because we don’t have another choice.» – Katya Syta

The festival has several locations and a cool program! Find out more on the KAOS website.

Thanks to the organizer – Marusa Stibelj

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